them three or four thousand years ahead of us, a very small amount

indeed when we consider the long sweep of human life and development

before the dawn of written history.

We are so used to stories of "Bug-eyed Monsters" coming to Earth, that

the idea of beings from other worlds looking and acting human seems

fantastic. It should not. There is good sound scientific reason to

believe that there is little chance of it being any other way. Life is

a delicate and fragile thing when compared to cosmic extremes of

temperature and environment in our universe. If life formed on earth

as science now believes that it did, we must have had just the right

size planet at just the right distance from a particular type of star.

While such extremely narrow limits are going to reduce the number of

places in the universe where life can develop, it is also going to

limit the _differences_. In our creation things operate by rule. The

rule is that in similar circumstance there are similar solutions to a

problem. Man is the solution of the problem of building the highest

form of life on Earth. On a similar planet we can expect to find a

similar solution. This is simply the extension of the theory of

_parallel evolution_ to a cosmic scale.

If then, we were visited by people from another world, what were they

doing here? Strangely enough, there is considerable evidence of what

they were up to from Ezekiel's own testimony. Let us suppose that

these creatures were very much like we expect to be in five hundred

years. They have come from some other star system in a ship whose

principle of operation is as yet unknown to us. We can assume that it

was a rather large ship, being that there were five beings on board at

once, and we can presume that enough of a crew remained aboard to

return it home in case something happened to the explorers. How would

we proceed in such a case?

It is not likely that such a large ship would be brought down to the

surface of the earth. After arriving in the neighborhood of the earth,

it would be put into orbit, and the surface of the earth would be

studied through telescopes for days or weeks. The entire radio

spectrum would be scanned to determine if there were inhabitants

below, capable of operating electrical equipment. A small--manned or

unmanned--flyer would be sent down into the upper atmosphere to

determine the level of radioactivity, air components, spore and

bacteria count and radio signals incapable of penetrating the

atmosphere. From the ship the land areas would be mapped and studied.

Any large object on the ground that appeared to be of an artificial

nature would be given particular attention. During the night-time

hours below, these objects and areas would be very carefully observed

for signs of light.

In the case of our visitors of twenty-six centuries ago, this is what

they would have found: Quite a few artificial works could be seen.

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