they are. Happily the chateau is on the edge of the city and there is a

certain quiet at present, but in town pandemonium reigns. Men, women and

children are fleeing in all directions with their few most precious

possessions tied up in a bundle. And where are they going to, the poor

things, with all roads in the country choked up, soldiers and trenches


_August 8th, Saturday._

This morning we walked through the garden to service in the little

village church. For a short moment a welcome calm stole over us in the

quiet of those walls, but how sinister to hear the eternal boom of

cannon between the words of the Mass. All the bridges of the city are

mined and guarded. The five days given Liege by the Prussians to

surrender are up tonight. What will tomorrow bring forth? The Belgians

have blown up the tunnel at Trois Ponts, near the German frontier, as

well as the railroad in many places, which will impede the enemy's

advance considerably, and great trees have been cut down across the

roads in all the country roundabout.

Mere Gavin came hobbling down the path from the top of the hill this

evening to tell us of the astonishing experience she had this afternoon

when a peasant came to her old hut and offered to buy her cow. Now as

her cow is her most precious possession and her sole support she refused

at once, tho' frightened at her own boldness. The stranger, however, was

rather insistent and asked if she would rent the cow, then, for fifty

francs an hour? Was there ever a queerer offer? Of course fifty francs

was a gold-mine to Mere Gavin, so she accepted, and was fairly overcome

when the man laid down three hundred francs on the table and told her to

keep them for him. Then he drove the cow away over the hills while Mere

G. sat staring stupidly at her gold. After a time he came back (with the

cow) and said, "Old One, three hours after I have gone, you can tell

your people that the red _pantalons_ (French soldiers) will be here in

forty-eight hours." Was that not a clever way for a French Scout to find

out the lie of the land?

_August 9th, Sunday._

Some of the Prussians have succeeded in penetrating into the city, tho'

the forts have not surrendered, and are already establishing martial

rule. Aeroplanes, with the wings turned back, _Taubes_, have been flying

about all the morning. In the afternoon we went up over the hill to the

plain of Sartilmont, the battlefield of Wednesday night. All along the

road were heaps of uniforms, some quite new, probably taken from the

dead. Those horrid limp things made me shiver with their lifelessness,

and the spirit of death, everywhere, seemed to close us in. Countless

numbers of haversacks were strewn about, doubtless cast away by the

soldiers to disencumber themselves in falling quickly back from one

position to another. In them, generally, was a change of underwear,

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