beautiful prancing horses, with their long lances and gray-blue capes

fluttering in the wind; _chasseurs_ in light green; "_Hussars de la

Mort_" with the death's head emblem in the front of their high fur hats

and endless companies of artillery with their huge field cannon, each

drawn by six magnificent horses. On the gun carriages sit four gunners

back to back, still as statues, with arms folded as if on parade. It was

for all the world like a circus when the procession goes twice around

the ring before commencing the serious business of the entertainment.

Dinner was gay tonight (one is obliged to make the best of a bad affair)

and the officers as men of the world were interesting and in unusually

good spirits.

The Captain, a little facetiously, took up the menu and, drawing a tiny

note-book and pencil from his pocket, proceeded to copy it in French,

soliciting Madame X.'s aid _en passant_.

A curious fact occurred to me as I sat there looking down both sides of

the table, how much alike they were--it seems as if they must even think

the same thoughts to resemble each other so much. As their heads were

closely cropped, outlines were baldly apparent, low forehead sloping

back to a narrow crown and all set upon a bulwark of neck. They must

surely have been struck in the same mould. Though forceful, none of them

were good-looking except the young one, of whom I have spoken, and his

face in repose was shockingly cruel. They are expecting marching orders

in the morning and are probably eager to ride on to victory (?). They

bade us good night and good-bye by kissing our hands as usual, a click

of spurs, a military bow and very gracious thanks to Madame X. for her


_August 17th, Monday._

About half-past three in the morning I was wakened from a sound sleep by

a commotion in the court under my window. Impatient horses were pawing

the ground and a voice exactly like a snarling dog was hurling out

orders--I peeped out cautiously and saw that the snarling dog was the

amiable captain who copied the menu last night.

The officers left at four A. M. Fort Lancin fell today and

General Leman, commander-in-chief of the army here, was taken prisoner.

Thousands of soldiers have passed as usual. In the afternoon a company

of Prussians arrived, whose captain had mistaken the route, which put

him in an abominable humor, having made his men march fifty miles out of

their way and also risking a court-martial on his own account. He

ordered Monsieur S. to open the garage door, in the hope of lodging his

men there for the night. Unluckily the chauffeur, being absent, had the

key, which plunged his Military Highness into a towering rage and he

placed Monsieur S. at once under arrest between two soldiers,

_baionnette-au-canon_, while the others battered in the door with the

butt of their guns. Not finding sufficient quarters for two hundred men,

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