co-operative noise I should call it, or anything you like, being a

combination of steamboat, train of cars and sawmill. Looking out of the

window we saw a magnificent Zeppelin sailing along in all its majestic


Miracles happen overnight in the ambulance now, for Health is hastening

back in seven-league-boots and every one of our brave _blesses_ is

turning out to be handsome. Each day a real face emerges from its black

chrysalis and we find it beautiful. The refinery was of the cruelest

type, but the temper of such men stood the test and their souls shine

out undeniably over the scarred flesh.

Some new companies, with their under officers, have taken up quarters in

the stables and garage. For the last ten days we have had Prussians

there, who were discontented with everything and wanted all the kitchen

utensils and everything within reach, but these new men are Bavarian

_Landstuerm_, rather nice old things, who have brought all their own

contrivances, not the least among them being one of the famous rolling

kitchens. This latter is a round boiler, hung on four wheels, and is

about a metre in diameter and a metre in depth. It is divided into three

longitudinal compartments (the fire being underneath), one for soup, one

for meat and one for vegetables. Then, under the driver's seat or

perhaps not right under, is a tiny oven where are baked _kuchen_ or a

steaming pudding. It is a complete affair and when dinner is ready,

they just hitch on a pair of family horses and drive around to the

different companies where rations are dished out, literally. I do not

know if the position of cook is the most enviable one in the army, but

at any rate this chef appears to enjoy it and is content to sit in the

courtyard all day, peeling potatoes and onions and cabbages and cabbages

and onions and potatoes.


[3] A printed document was exposed afterwards in the village

recommending the Chateau X. to be respected.

_September 3rd, Thursday._

"_Monsieur Seegnal Box_" went this morning and everybody was sorry to

see him go, for he was a congenial spirit, and, like us, found nothing

attractive about war. He seemed a protection, too, from the beast that

is ever snarling at the door.

A young cousin of the family related to us to-day how much at home the

soldiers have felt in his chateau in the country; so much so, in fact,

that they have already sent off to Germany all his old family portraits

and the best rugs. Here is a bit of psychology for you to unravel. Why

should they want his family portraits?

I suppose you could not imagine such a thing happening in America. Well,

just try for a moment.

Fancy somebody's coming in and explaining to you that you cannot use

your own things and that your choice possessions will have a far better

setting in Germany than where they are. I think it would do the world a

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