wounded were going back in ambulance cars. These ambulance trains are

admirable and are often made up of forty and fifty carriages of the

light, swinging, old-fashioned type, of uniform size, the roofs painted

white, with a big, red cross on the top and one on each side. The cots

are arranged one above the other, showing clean, white linen, while the

attendants are spotlessly uniformed in white. In the middle of each

train is a car which might be called the "ugly duckling," for it is a

decidedly clumsy looking affair, full of steam boilers with safety

valves and tubes sticking out at the top, and is, I fancy, a sterilizing


_September 6th, Sunday._

Oh, the peace of Sunday in a little village! And Augustin is better,

though he still fights his dressings. It takes the combined effort of

the ward to present duty in such an attractive guise that he will not

realize he is minding, but it is really the sympathetic Roger who can

insinuate comforting comparisons from his own recent acquaintance with

pain and the ever-ready Pierre, who with a "courage, camarade," and one

free hand to help me, actually put the thing through.

On my way home to lunch I glanced at the clock in the church tower and

saw that it was an hour ahead of time, having been made to coincide with

Teuton pendulums. This is the second time that it has happened, for the

villagers dared to climb up the long stairs and put it back, once, but

the soldiers were so ferocious in their threats that--well, one must

accept their insolence. Crossing the field I passed the farmer who must

have felt considerable perturbation of soul this particular day, for he

looked "worrited" and was mowing grass for his poor, thin cows, in a

blue gingham smock and a bowler hat. The war is not more vital to anyone

on earth than to him, for the soldiers have taken away his wagons and

most of his hay for their bedding and they ruined the grass in the

orchard where they were encamped.

Soldiers came to the Convent this morning to search for firearms. It

appears that the German military authorities are terrified of an

uprising among the inhabitants, particularly the factory hands, who will

not work for the Prussians and are getting a little restless. One can

readily imagine such an apprehension when from a population of 40,000

working men in the vicinity, only forty-two firearms were presented upon

requisition. If all the rest are buried in the woods, as many believe,

it will only be the story of another inspired "Cadmus, who sowed

dragons' teeth and there sprang up an army of armed men."

Madame de H. has left for Brussels. The third auto which was hidden away

was brought out and with Count Moltke's _laisser-passer_ and the

family's chauffeur, she will arrive safely, we hope, though we shall not

rest until the man gets back.

In Liege this afternoon, in front of the University, we saw squares and

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