baggage--an item somewhat important.

May the Fates preserve beautiful Paris! There is a dear little French

sister at the Convent (this Sisterhood was transferred from Metz after

the War of 1870) who says that we must pray the Blessed Virgin every day

to "_ecraser_ (smash) _les Allemands_," and she says it so fervently

that one does not observe the lack of Christian spirit.

Very little is passing through the city at present except perhaps this

eternal line of trains, and oh, how we are thirsting for news! Can you

imagine, dear people at home, you who have hundreds of newspapers, how

we are straining every nerve to know the real truth of things as they

are, to pierce through this thick wall, with which an arrogant despotism

has cut us off from the whole world? But we cannot. It is wadded on both

sides with deceptions and our only privilege is to surmise. What poor

things we are, in truth, though born and reared in the common

independence of the age. Everywhere (else) the poorest farmer has his

one old horse to take him to and fro, where he will, and he has his acre

of God's country, where he may muse in the sun or dream with the stars,

while we, conquered by numbers, must walk in a straight line without

loitering and we must go into our houses at seven P. M. and

close the door. Do you think that is amusing?

_September 24th, Thursday._

We heard five booms of cannon in an hour this morning and bad and

inhuman as it sounds, we were quite pleased--any little sign from an

outside world that one lives, one breathes, to drag us out of this

inertia, this eternal silence!

_September 28th, Monday._

There was quite a demonstration in Liege yesterday when they brought

back from Neufchateau some Belgian and French wounded. The people all

shouted, "_Vive la France._" Today we have a new military governor, who

has given the order to shoot, without hesitation, any person attempting

such an indiscretion again.

The scene of operations is gradually swinging back into Belgium and the

stories of atrocities are increasing. The sacking and burning of

Louvain, with its art treasures and its world-famous library of rare

books and old manuscripts, is only another blot on a shield already

stained. In fact, it is said that the general who permitted it is most

discontented with himself for having been so stupid and that he has been

relieved from active service on account of ill health.

Monsieur Max, the burgomaster of Brussels, has been taken prisoner and

is in confinement at Namur, because he was not able nor willing to meet

the demands of the Prussians, who want gold. We hear that the women of

Germany have been required to give up all their jewelry, except wedding

rings, for fighting money.

_September 30th, Wednesday._

We went again to Spa in the auto. Passing again through the pitiful

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