village of Louvigne, we saw, in a meadow, the graves, covered with

wayside flowers, of the farmers who were shot. The soldiers picked out

forty of the villagers, stood them up in a line, then shouted, "Save

yourselves." Thirteen were shot in the back and the rest escaped. What

words to find for this barbarism? But is it barbarism and not rather the

refined cruelty of civilization? Is it not better then to remain a

primitive, with a beautiful faith in the Sun-god?

_October 1st, Thursday._

The siege of Antwerp has begun. Here is a dialogue between the Kaiser

and his _belle armee_.

K. "I need Antwerp."

A. "Your Majesty shall have Antwerp, but we need five hundred thousand


K. "You shall have them."

Does this explain the fantastic array of soldiers, sailors, the old, the

young, grandfathers and infants, the simple rank and file and the

elegant regiments of H. M. that are continually trailing on to the


_September 29th, Tuesday._

The servants are dismantling the house today, putting all the art

treasures in safety--tapestries, silver, portraits, paintings, rugs,

fine china, furniture, dresses, furs, books, linen--in fact everything

of value. All this is to be taken off for safekeeping and sealed

up,--maybe, in the crystal caves of the river nymph, Arethusa. Madame X.

does not like to imagine the _Haus Fraus_ parading in her sables.

A man in the city saw some circulars ready for distribution that were

printed by the German War Office, saying that in case of retreat of the

army, the inhabitants of Liege would have six hours to evacuate the


All that horror over again? Oh! this is a more terrifying thought, even,

than the advance of an army.

Madame de H. managed to get through to us a letter from Brussels by

messenger. What dreadful things are happening, what curious things!

Three kilometres from her chateau on the other side of Brussels is an

old feudal castle which has been occupied for the last two years by an

Austrian family. These people were never very neighborly, preferring

their own society evidently and spending all their time and interest in

repairing the dilapidated walls of an unused wing of the chateau. This

had turned out an endless task, as it appears, continued for weeks and

then suddenly and unaccountably stopped for days, only to be feverishly

recommenced. But of course, people round about, accustomed to the

varying energy of workmen in general were not puzzled at this. At least

this was the explanation given and, in truth, it began to look as if the

old place would live its given quota of days and crumble away still


Twenty-four hours after Germany declared war on France and had already

crossed the frontier into Belgium, the Austrian family disappeared in

the night, taking with them their household goods. The next day Belgian

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