authorities seized the property and found a complete arsenal under the

walls with a net-work of tunnels burrowing far into the earth in all


_October 3rd, Saturday._

During the last forty-eight hours, hundreds of cattle cars have been

going back to Germany and we were very curious as to their contents.

Unhappily, we have been enlightened.

Some of the villagers at the station, this morning, looked into one car

and saw that it was full of dead human bodies, tied together in threes

and packed tightly side by side in rows. Is that not too horrible for

words? It is better not to be too inquisitive these days, for there is

horror enough on the surface of things.

The Germans have already taken some of the forts of Antwerp, although

the country surrounding the outer belt line of forts has been purposely

inundated, which does not, however, prevent the operation of big field


About fourteen of our wounded at the Convent Ambulance were sent to

Germany today as prisoners. We went to see them off and found the poor

things absolutely overwhelmed. Against the fear of cold and

imprisonment, they put on as many clothes as possible--two suits of

underwear, two pairs of socks, two pairs of trousers, coats, shirts,

sweaters and waistcoats--until they looked like stuffed partridges.

Poor, feathered brood, with pinioned wings! At three P. M. our

(usually) gay boys were led out of the court, two by two, like convicts,

a Prussian at the head of the column and a Prussian at the foot.

Oh, these Belgians are brave and they know how to obey, which may be the

very secret of their greatness. It is glorious to see the respect with

which even grown men accept the advice of their aged parents, for at the

moment of peril to their honor and their country when the old father had

said to his son, "My boy, it is time to lay down the hoe and take up

the sword," he had answered, simply, "_Oui, mon pere_," while the women

brought out the sword and buckled it on with a tearless Godspeed.

That is the way the Belgians went to war and that is the way they will

sustain themselves to the glorious end.

_October 5th, Monday._

To-day, two months after that horrible battle of Sartilmont, we found a

Belgian soldier's cap lying in the middle of the path in the woods. It

seemed like a human thing and stirred me to the profoundest depths. I

never thought that clothes could take on life and a personality all

alone, but they do. Has its owner been in hiding all these weeks or is

he lying yet unburied among the friendly trees? In these places where

Death has walked so boldly one feels his accompanying presence at every


_October 8th, Thursday._

Monsieur B., a man of seventy years (Madame X.'s brother-in-law), was

taken as hostage yesterday at Spa. Fortunately for him, he was allowed

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